Sepideh was very instrumental as my life coach in helping me get to a better place in my life by means of working together and setting realistic goals to achieve them. She’s a great listener and has the ability to bring out the best in you. It was very nice to have had Sepideh there for me at the time.

Westlake Village, CA

The work I do with Sepideh is transformative. She is both an intent listener and an adept guide. Her approach to coaching is insightful, intuitive and active. I leave each session feeling that I have made progress toward my goals. One element involves Sepideh’s belief in the importance of cultivating and maintaining a personal system of support, made up of individuals in one’s life whose presence is empowering. In my own life this support is to be found among family, friends and professionals. In addition to working with her in one-on-one sessions, Sepideh coalesces just such a community. Through hosting classes and more informal gatherings, she creates a space where people come together to share their experiences in personal development. I benefit from participating in these forums. I find doing so reinforces what I am learning at any given point, and helps me stay on track as I strive to create the life for myself I truly want to lead.

Portland, Oregon

It has been a wonderful experience and a true blessing to have Sepideh as my life coach, since I have been going to her I have been able to be at ease with my life, I am able to focus and really accept who I am as a person.

I leave each session feeling calm and like I could breath again. I am able to think more calmly and relax at night. For the first time I am able to fall asleep without thinking too much. I am breath taken by how powerful my mind can be, just by having the right guidance and tools to follow.


I was very relieved to find Sepideh last year… Like many, I had been laid off, and feared loosing many of the relationships and “things” which had been important to me. Sepideh’s experience, patience and coaching exercises helped me to reframe the priorities in my life. We worked together to form a plan for recovery, realignment and reward.

Being in my early forties, I was feeling a lot of fear and pressure at the prospect of having to find a new job in a difficult market. In sessions with Sepideh, I was able to make real, concrete career progress in terms of evaluating my skill sets, reviewing my personal interests, re-crafting my resume and finding career networking opportunities… More importantly, Sepideh worked with me to address deeper spiritual and emotional issues which might have been keeping me from realizing my full creative and financial potential.

After our sessions, and eventually finding a new job, I was able to return to the work force with more confidence, and a real sense of what was and (was no longer) important for me and for my family. I learned that, in the end, some things we just need to let go of – some of the material things and social beliefs I was “holding on to” were really creating more stress and obstacles in my life than they were worth.

What I admire and respect about Sepideh’s approach is that she was able to “talk me down”, get me out the fear of the future and realize that, in a way, I had been given an opportunity to start over… to really spend the time I needed to find more fulfilling relationships and find a career more inline with my dreams… my authentic self. While the reality of my bills and my obligations didn’t go away, and I did have to change the financial structure of my life, working with Sepideh at least gave me some tools to cope with these realities in a more peaceful way – with less stress and fear.

Reaching that point is when things really started to open up for me. I have learned from Sepideh a lot about how my own beliefs and my own thought patterns can effect my environments – both negatively and positively!

As a result of working with Sepideh, I’ve taken some manageable risks and acquired several private clients in diverse industries… These are the seeds that truly nourish my soul. These are the dreams that Sepideh helped my feel comfortable pursuing. These are the endeavors which define me; satisfy my creative spirit, and ultimately, fill me with satisfaction, personal empowerment and a sense of esteem that might have been missing before. Some of these pursuits will ultimately have financial rewards, and some will build and reward my spirit, health and the quality of my whole life.

Lately, I’ve been “inspired by Sepideh” on an almost weekly basis as part of an evening meditation and inspiration group… Sepideh has created a terrific environment for stress release, inspirational dialog with peers, relaxation, introspection and healing through guided mediation – I find the experience invaluable!

Sepideh brings her grace, tradition, empathy and the wholeness of her intrinsic beauty to each candle light session… It is infectious, truly.

Westlake Village, CA

Sepideh Yeoh is absolutely the finest and most inspiring Life Coach I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, sensitive, supportive, honest, and most important, effective. After only a few sessions with Ms. Yeoh, I have already made more personal progress with realizing my life goals than I did with literally years of other therapists and psychologists. She has a rare gift for truly listening, lovingly and closely, to what her clients share and a unique, intuitive sense for telling one exactly what one needs to hear exactly when one needs to hear it. Moreover, she is not only an inspiration for how effectively she works with clients but is also an inspiration due to the remarkable example she sets herself as a person. She is one of the most “together” people I have ever met—spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, etc., and just being in her presence inspires one with a true passion to become the very best person one can become. I truly feel blessed to have her as my Life Coach.

A.H., Ph.D.
Buffalo, NY

It’s truly a blessing to have Sepideh as my coach. I love her simple, gentle, spiritual and heart oriented approach. Talented, gifted and intuitive, she brings so much love and light to her practice.


I found myself a lot calmer after going to the group session several times. I was drawn to Sepideh’s place because every time I was able to find a wonderful peace that I was always looking for. I especially loved the meditation during which Sepideh read a beautiful piece with her soft healing voice. The meditation aided me to find the guide that is always in my heart.


Through Sepideh’s wellness coaching, I was able to set and achieve realistic goals to reach my target weight by adding a simple fitness routine. If Sepideh got me to exercise, she can help anybody achieve their goal – if they want it. her approach is simple, realistic and practical with a focus on improving fitness.


“I met Sepideh at a casual lunch meeting and really enjoyed our conversation. Her kind spirit and love for helping others really connected with me. I happened to be going through an interesting time in my life and was excited to hear that Sepideh is a life coach with experience helping others through transitions in their life. Her gentle guidance always helps me to be more mindful and aware of my decisions and goals. I enjoy having Sepideh as my life coach because I can always count on her to provide me with honest feedback and to hold me accountable at our sessions. I highly recommend reaching out to Sepideh if you are going through a life transition and / or you are looking for a genuine, loving, mindful life coach that will help you set and reach your goals.