Edge of the Box® Concept

Heracleids, the Greek philosopher once said that “the only constant is change”. So if the only constant we can count on is change, what do we need to do to manage the changes. The truth is that for many of us change can be uncomfortable even when it is needed. The reality is that we seek comfort, stability and security and so we try to maintain consistency. We often hear “I just wish we could go back to our old normal”, perhaps because it was comfortable, routine and predictable. In an effort to explain Edge of the Box® Concept, we invite you to reflect on the following questions and responses:

Why Edge of the Box® Concept?

Because we often get stuck in the boxes we create or the boxes that have been created for us, we lose touch with joy and creativity. Living and working in the boxes, create predictable routines to manage daily activities in a robotic fashion. Sometimes, getting inspirations from a presentation, book, article or a lecture, we tap into our creativity momentarily and may even think of setting personal goals but then the reality of the box hits and there never seems to be the right time or enough time to follow through with our intentions. We move from work to home in the same routinely robotic manner and time goes by, and nothing is changed. The Edge of the Box® concept provides you actionable steps to remove yourself from your box (environment) and observe and notice patterns and habits. With this concept, you will discover and uncover patterns of behavior that hold you back and begin with the Edge of the Box ® view to plan your small and manageable actionable steps.

How is this different from other methods?

The Edge of the Box® Concept is unique because:

  1. It begins with the individual – The Edge of the Box® Concept provides you with the tools and techniques you need to lay a solid foundation of your “self” to build upon. Once a foundation is created, you will begin building the supporting pillars to protect and maintain your “self”.
  2. It requires that you physically move out of your environment – This research based method of physical movement will create the energy needed to support your goals.

Edge of the Box® concept of leadership is a revolutionary approach in broadening your perspective by simply changing your view and mindset. This journey begins with you as the catalyst for change management. We invite you to set up a complimentary call to see if our concept is right for you and your team. Please e-mail Sepideh at [email protected] with the subject line “Edge of the Box call request” and let us know your name, phone number and the best time (specifying time zone) to reach you.