Hello Ladies.

I hope you have all began the day on a lovely note.

Today’s topic is love and how it relates to Valentine’s Day.
When it comes to love and relationships, particularly when you are a mother, things get complicated.
Lets’ take a little journey down memory lane, while it may be a trip back in time for some of you moms, I’m certain it’s more recent for the new moms.

Remember being pregnant and the mixed emotions of excitement and fear and morning sickness in the earlier phases?
Then the strange cravings, back and leg pains and weight gain?
Then there was more weight gain and the bladder that shrunk making our toilets a sitting area?
And in the later phases of pregnancy, the discomfort of the added weight and sleepless nights?

At this point you are probably thinking, why are we talking about this? What does it have to do with V-Day and romance and magic in the relationship?
Be patient my dear ladies. It’s all connected. You see, in order to be loving to others, we must learn to love ourselves. This leads me to my 3 keys to bring magic back into your life:

Key #1: Get to know the person you are deep down and learn to love and accept her unconditionally. In my work with hundreds of women, I have seen a link between self-love and the ability to show and give love. I want you to reflect on the following questions:

  • Do you love yourself? Do you love everything about yourself?
  • Do you like the way you look?
  • What do you not like about you?
  • What is the one thing you would change about you if you could?

Key #2: Find happiness in the simple and ordinary activities of your life. From your daily walks, yoga or exercise routine to your cup of morning tea or coffee or afternoon drink, you should enjoy every moment of what you choose (Life choices will be a future talk topic) to do. Explore the following question:

  • What physical activities do you enjoy doing?
  • What’s your favorite movie, drink and book?

Key #3: Love your partner how they want to be loved. So often I see women go out of their way to plan such elaborate and fancy dates for their partners where all the partner wanted was a simple meal and intimate undivided attention. So, for this rule, get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes, favorite food and drink, favorite music, topics of interest, favorite movie and book. Study your partner and get to know them. Ask questions about childhood and growing up, mentors and dreams of what they wanted to become in the future.

One final reminder; please practice listening to understand and not to respond. We are so quick to formulate a response as we are listening that we forget to really listen. Listen to your own needs and desires, change what you can change and learn to love what you cannot change.

Well, my dear viewers, this concludes my V-Day talk. May you find and keep your inner GLOW and if you like a little reminder of how to do that, you can order my book GLOW: Be the Light of Your Journey!

Be well,