Most of the time, we cannot control the changes that each transition brings on. However, what is in our control, is how we respond to each situation. That is a conscious choice we make. Realizing that we can choose to control our response is powerful! By consciously choosing how we respond, the journey through life’s transitions takes on a whole new outlook. These three steps are the essence of GLOW: Be The Light Of Your Journey:

  1. Leads you through realizing you have a choice of response
  2. Provides practical tips on maximizing your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your wellbeing
  3. Gives you a framework to choose how you respond.

Do you ever wonder how some people move through transitions, like marriage, motherhood, retirement, empty nest, menopause, death of a parent, or job change with apparent ease while others fall apart?

Each of the mentioned transitions bring on a set of challenges as a result of change during that transition. We all know that change takes us out of our comfort zone and can be difficult. But whether we want to or not, we all experience these transitions at some point in our life. While each of us may be going through different transitions, the one thing that’s guaranteed is change.

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Sepideh’s Inspired Sanctuary

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A Handbook for SIMPLE Living is a textbook and journal in one, allowing the reader to take notes and reflect on “Hot Spots” at the end of each chapter. The simplistic cartoon like images found in each chapter, create what the co-authors Sepideh and Tony hope would be long lasting visuals delivering their messages throughout the book. A Handbook for SIMPLE Living was published by Linus Publications in February of 2012.

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The Tiger eye helps you attract and manifest wealth and abundance. It’s properties can release fear and anxiety and bring you harmony and balance. It can stimulate taking action and making decisions. You can add your favorite essential oil to the lava stones for additional healing benefits and aroma.

The Amethyst stone has healing properties for physical ailments and balances your Chakras. It can also alleviate insomnia. The Reiki charged Angel Wing charm is a reminder that you are protected by your very own Angel.

Howlite stone brings you clarity and focus. it has the properties to reduce anxiety, tension, pain and stress. It is also great for emotional expression. The Reiki charged Angel Wing charm is a reminder that you are protected by your very own Angel.